Bright Stars Preschool

The Bright Stars Preschool curriculum is consists of four major subject areas; English, Mathematics, Mandarin and Science as well as the foundation subjects namely, Bahasa, Music, Computer Physical Education and Art and Craft. Values Education is also taught every Friday from the Nursery to the Preparatory classes. This values formation is anchored on the di zi gui principles which emphasise on the basic requisites for being a good person and guidelines for living in harmony with others. The goal of which is to inculcate in the children filial love and respect, empathy and prudence.

Our school strives to provide all the learners exciting, challenging, holistic and engaging activities which suit their needs to make learning fun. The activities are carefully planned and are based on thematic approach. All the teachers both expatriates and locals are highly qualified and are engaged in the planning and selecting of the monthly activities which are focused on promoting the key skills necessary for the development of the children’s self confidence and effective learning.


Our school has gained wide recognition for the high quality of education we provide by the local community and other big schools in Jakarta where our graduates go to after their graduation. Our pupils have garnered top spots and awards in contests in other international schools which they participated in.

It is the mission of Bright Stars Preschool to help the children to grow in confidence and develop lifelong learners who have positive attitude towards learning which is anchored on respect and love for God and to their fellowmen.