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Below are the list of facilities that we provide to support our students’ fun and effective learning at school:


Large hall

   We have a projector installed in our large hall for events at school, as well as spacy areas 

   for our students to gather during events.



• Outdoor playground

   An area for our students to enjoy their times in their golden age.



• Indoor playground

   An indoor playground for younger age.



• Library

   A complete collection of books are ready for our students, from Bahasa Indonesia, English, and Mandarin 

   books. We also provide educational tools here for our teachers to accentuate student's knowledge about the      world and its environment.



• Computer Room

   Computers are set up for our Kindergarten and Preparatory students to use during Computer Subject. 



• Swimming Pool

   Indoor swimming pool is available at school, designed to be at age-appropriate water level for preschoolers.

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