Our Class

Baby Class

We have every aspect of your baby's development covered -- from social interaction to physical activity to cognitive learning, and there’s plenty of time for play! Our classes are designed to support your child’s first years of life. Babies build their strength through play. Thematic classes that explore music, art, baby sign language, literacy, and mindfulness. In this multi-disciplinary class, your baby is exposed to more opportunities for language, movement, sensory integration and more!


At this age, we strive to build a child’s independency. Thus, we provide our toddlers with various problem-solving, exploring, and socializing skills. Let your toddler takes the lead in this fun, fast-paced, and engaging play class. Teacher-led activities seek children’s attention in a natural and attractive environment to boost their independence and socializing skill.

B’Stars Preschool aims our nursery students to unfold their talents and strengths. We are also introducing academic skills with a balance of motoric and socio-emotional skills. The academic skills could include:

  • Prewriting strokes,

  • Alphabets,

  • Sentence Structure,

  • Vocabulary,

  • Numbers & Pre-Math concepts, shapes, colors, 

  • General awareness (myself, my family, my school, etc.),

  • Environmental science (healthy lifestyle, season, road safety, self grooming and hygiene, etc.),

  • Story telling, picture reading, rhymes.

Preparatory Class

During this level, we would upgrade our child’s cognitive ability to:

  • Read and write uppercase and lowercase alphabets,

  • Write simple sentences,

  • Identify rhyming words,

  • Sort objects based on one or more attributes,

  • Recognize and write numbers from 0 to 30,

  • Tell time to the nearest hour,

  • Recognize patterns and shapes,

  • Adding and subtracting by using manipulatives.

We also flourish our children to socialize in good manner, as well as their fine motor skills.

Our goal is to reach children’s supremacy in their preparation toward elementary school. Children are continuously motivated and encouraged to find their unique and individualized learning strategies. Thus, they are well-prepared to face new challenges in their new chapter as primary students. We enhance their cognitive skills intensively.

Our Curriculums


A literacy skills are implemented to enhance children’s speaking, reading, and writing skills. Using instructional approaches, we adopt 

  • Age-appropriate oral language skills

  • Progressive learning conditions in speaking, reading, and writing

  • Individual’s learning progress 


Our purpose for interactive writing is working on spelling practices and phonemic awareness. Acknowledging that kinders don't come to school knowing how to form letters, spell etc... time must be given to these skills. 


Preschool age kids need to learn a variety of foundational math skills to have a firm foundation before entering primary. We see to it that kids will learn to properly identify numbers, form numbers, and practice tracing numbers, will learn to recognize basic shapes, practice making shapes, learn shapes, and identifying shapes in the world around them, will learn to count to 10 (and some activities to learn to count to 100 for those that need a challenge). Gentle introduction to adding numbers within 10. We help kids learn Preschool Math with creative math games, math activities, and math worksheets. There are lots of  hands on actives because kids learn best when they are having FUN!


The foundational science skills that BSP preschool teachers impart to the young children can help children to think critically, problem solve and better understand the world around them. We teach more specific concepts such as learning about animals, plants, weather and the physical world are also important components to the early science education that can benefit the child later in life.


Music ignites all areas of child development and skills for school readiness, including intellectual, social-emotional, motor, language, and overall literacy. It helps the body and the mind work together. We expose children to music during early development to help them learn the sounds and meanings of words. We observed that Music and movement instruction has shown  improvement in the children's memory, cognitive development, learning skills and expressive ability.

Mandarin & Bahasa

Our curriculum has been designed so that it merges our years of experience in high-quality preschool education and Mandarin and Bahasa Languages teachings. We enable children to explore and discover their talents and strengths and to gain a better understanding of their potential. The curriculum is designed to immerse the children in a language-rich environment, through songs, games, stories and engaging conversations. Children are drawn into the activities and absorb the languages. Children develop both reading and writing skills, enabling them to be able to communicate through speech and writing by the end of their Kindergarten years.

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Di Zi Gui

BSP believes that the basic moral values and virtues should be first taught to a child at a young age and these values will be their manual in life. We emphasises the basic requisites for being a good person and guidelines for living in harmony with others. 

Physical Education

We understand why it is vital that small children begin learning healthy lifestyle habits and skills during the formative years. We consider the various medical, psychological, social and educational benefits of a suitable fitness for preschool children. BSP teachers know how to speak to, motivate and control active behavior in preschool children. It’s our qualified and passionate teachers, our beautiful and thoughtful indoor and outdoor learning environments and our strong belief and understanding in our play-based approach towards Early Years education would greatly help develop a child’s strong body and mind. Our holistic approach puts your child at the centre of their learning. We know and value that your child is unique. That is why each child in our care are supported and challenged at the level appropriate to their developmental stage.

Art & Craft

Young children love art projects and they’re a great way to foster creativity and develop fine motor skills. BSP allows children explore our wide collection of preschool arts and crafts activities that provide the perfect way to spend a morning. Kids will love designing and creating, painting, gluing, and crafting to their hearts’ content!