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Where Every Child is A Star

Diperbarui: 21 Apr 2020

We believe every child is a star, just like each constellation that has a distinct characterization, same goes with the children. Every child has their uniqueness from characteristic, interest, skills, and many more. Therefore, we can not compare each child because nothing is perfectly the same and diversity makes the world more colourful.

“Where every child is a star” is a strong message for everyone to reach their potential. That’s what we are trying to apply for our beloved students.

September 2019 is a special month for us, this is where we supported our children with what they are most passionate about. In September 1st, we supported our children in performing at the Indonesia Trend Education Exhibition 2020 at Lippo Mall Puri.

They performed wholeheartedly by the theme called Music in Harmony. The panelist and audience saw them as the brightest stars on stage.

As a multilinguistic preschool, we try to provide our children with language exercises. It starts from speaking, writing, and reading. In September 14th, some of our children joined language competition, such as spelling bee and mandarin poetry recitation.

We are really proud to tell how brave and excited our children were when they exercised themselves in the competitions. Moreover, we are proud to announce that Elaine Bethany Salim won  3rd runner up, Sebastian Patrick Djaja Utomo as 3rd prize winner in Spelling Bee, and last but not the least is Darren Safanayong Isawan as the 2nd prize winner in Mandarin Poetry Recitation.

Aviation is a new exciting  world for kids who mostly are unfamiliar to it. So, in September 19th, we visited LANUD Halim Perdana Kusuma to give a quick insight. Kids were able to learn about the aviation world.

Therefore, we are enjoying and having fun moving progressively  with “where every child is a star” belief.

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