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Celebrating Indonesia's 74th Independence Day with Happiness and Laughter

Diperbarui: 21 Apr 2020

August 17th is an annual special occasion for Indonesians all over the world, as it is Indonesia's 74th year Independence Day commemoration. On this date, Indonesians from all over the world will have fun celebrating Independence Day in various authentic games. We, at Bright Stars Preschool, had fun celebrating it last August 16th, 2019.

We started the first agenda at 8.30a.m. with a flag ceremony followed by the singing of few national songs. As we sang the songs we raised the flags we were holding with pride.   

Then, we had the first game which made our adrenaline rose up because we needed to put the hanging pencil tied to a yarn and wrapped around  our waist into a bottle. With much determination, we succeeded in this game. One of us got a crown for being the first placer. The next game was eating delicious bread with chocolate milk on a plate without using our hands. It was exciting as we finish eating the delicious slices of bread, our friends behind  were clapping while screaming to support us. After that, the one who finished the fastest got the crown.

The third game is unique. We should walk fast or run while holding a military painted cardboard box until we reached the stop to shoot stacked milk boxes with a toy gun. It was fun running with a cardboard box and aiming to shoot for the stacked milks.

For five days a week, we go to school wearing a uniform. This last game is also a training for us. First, girls go to the front to compete with one and another aiming to be the winner by wearing the uniform the fastest. After then, boys took their turn. For this last game, we had 4 winners, 2 boys and two girls. We had fun celebrating Indonesia's 74th Independence Day with laughter and games. We are one, we are proud Indonesians!

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