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Watched the Performances, Enjoyed the Exhibition at Edusmart

Diperbarui: 21 Apr 2020

On the  20th to 23rd of February, we joined an exhibition at Edusmart. It was held at Atrium 1, Lippo Mall Puri. It was not just an exhibition, but a lot of entertaining agendas in the event. 

On the first day,Tans Kitchen, famous for its Tower Donuts was one of the main agenda. Twelve of our lovely students joined and participated making the tower donuts. Playing with whipped cream and stacking the donuts to make it into a tower, they were surely having fun decorating donuts.

On the weekend, there were other different agendas. A lot of performances from various schools were held.

There was a story telling performance by Sebastian Patrick Djati Utomo. He delivered the story in fluent Chinese. Patrick seemed so into the character and stood confidently.

Moreover, there was also a performance by Preparatory A. Dynamic moves and following the rhythm of the music they were having fun performing the dance. With colorful attire, they filled the stage refreshingly. By the time the performance ended, everyone who watched excitingly applauded.

It was a fun experience for all of us.

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