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School From Home

Diperbarui: 21 Apr 2020

Corona Virus or COVID-19 has become a pandemic that has been a global issue since last year. Due to the fast spread of COVID-19, the central government appealed to the public to stay at home, if there’s unnecessary matters to be done outside. On March 16th, 2020, DKI Jakarta, the provincial government announced that students should study home. Therefore, we have applied the home school program. Distributing the courses through online media. The courses vary from video course to paper based course. For the paper based course, its exercises from various subjects, such as math, English, mandarin, and others.

            The students learn from home with their parents. During this difficult time of COVID-19, it surely is best to study from home. Photos and videos of our lovely students studying from home are posted in Instagram by the parents' permissions, to encourage how important it is to stay at home.

            Furthermore, contents of tips are also available on our social media, such as Facebook and Instagram accounts. Therefore, in order to obey the rules to stay at home and do courses, we also encourage everyone to stay aware and be healthy.           

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