July is Back to School Season!

            It has been a few months we didn’t see our children due to the holiday season since the end of May. Now, after a long absence from their laugh, their presence and anything that is related to them finally, we get to meet them again in July! And gladly we can meet them everyday just as we always do. On July 15th, 2019 our children finally went back to school, that’s why we put this month theme learning with back to school season!

            Back to school is the theme of this month’s learning. Every lesson we teach to our children is taken from the theme.  Therefore, the morning circle time when we sing our heart out together, the songs are about back to school. Other than that, kids get to learn what school materials they should bring to school, such as pencils, books and the like. What are these things  and how to use them.  English and Chinese/ Mandarin classes also teach the children with lessons that are related to the theme.

            As we all know, returning to school after a long holiday needs adaptation for children because their routine will change following the school schedule. Moreover, this semester is an enrollment for new students, so the school’s environment means a whole new world to them. This makes challenges for the teachers, but as we consider the students as our own children there’s no barrier neither burden for us to make them feel at home.

            When we look at the calendar and count on the days we start to realise that there are only a few days left until August comes around and ready to say another Hi! This tells us that time flies so fast and another year will pass by. To our children that just came back to school, have fun and hope you’ll get used to the new environment. As there’s a saying that goes, “A great teacher takes a hand, opens a mind, and touches a heart.” We believe in that because, “Education breeds confidence, confidence breeds hope, hope breeds peace.”