A New Chapter Begins

A New Chapter Begins

            Graduation ceremony is like a chapter in books. Once you finish the current chapter, another chapter begins. Our beloved children, who we met almost everyday, greeted us with the brightest smiles as they walked into the room, are now only part of wonderful memories. On Saturday, May 25th at Mega Anggrek Hotel Hall we held the 15th graduation ceremony for our beloved children. We celebrated their first step to success in their formal education ladder. 

            Our beloved children, consisting of:

  1.  Brandsley Algren Tjhai                        10. Keiko Erly Kusuma
  2. Corinne Lee                                          11. Kimi Novelia Djuneidy
  3. Enzo Ramali                                         12. Kourtney Lengkong
  4. Felix Jensen Irwandi                             13. Kylie Isabel Anggara
  5. Grace Maleke Zheng                             14. Nicholas Darrel Darmawan
  6. Gregorious Felix Tanuwidjaja                15. Samuel Ethan Egmont
  7. Haniel Manashe Liem                            16. Princessa Sofia Roseline
  8. Jack Clayton Rustam                             17. Liang Sibarani
  9. Joseph Nathan Kurniawan

Passed a remarkable achievement to their first step of formal education ladder and will be entering a new level. We hope they will grow into someone successful by loving what they do and spreading their positive vibes to everyone.

            The main agenda of the graduation ceremony is not only sending the graduates with warmest goodbye but also entertaining everyone with class performances. However, before the class performances, the graduates showed their best performances in  singing the graduation songs in different languages (English, Mandarin, and Bahasa).

            After the astonishing performances from the graduates, the next show was a catwalk from the modeling class who gave their best and rocked the stage with their wonderful runaway. Singing and dancing are the next performances from the different classes (Baby, Toddlers, Nursery, Kg and Prep Classes). Their performances showcased different steps and music , such as “Locomotion”, “I Just Can’t Wait to be King”, “Fairy Dancing, “Friend Like Me”, “The Greatest Show”, “New York New York”, “Be Our Guest” and “Can’t Take My Eyes off You.”   

            The class performers gave  their best to entertain the audience. Not only making them laugh, clap, smile and enjoy throughout but the costumes brightened up the stage. From pink to yellow with 90’s touch and classy black and white  which surely supported the main theme of the event, which is Broadway!